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How To Became Hacker

Welcome! to the Bakwashack. This topic is very helpful for you. Let's enjoy. Everyone in this time wants to be a hacker. Hacking is becoming more popular in today's time. Scope in hacking is growing in the future. Everyone wants to learn hacking and become a hacker. But people do not know how to learn hacking and what is necessary. In this post I will tell how the hacker is made? And what to do to become a hacker? Which course was needed? For this information read full post.

how to became hacker

So you will find many websites on the internet where you can learn hacking and you can become a hacker, you go there and try to learn hacking and you do not understand because it's an advance label. because you don't have basic knowledge. Let's know about hacking.

What is Hacking?
It mean to find weekness of computer System, website, apps etc. Hacker find the bug in computer system and try to fix them with the permission of owner and its is totally ligal. 

Different Types of hacking

  • Website Hacking
  • Network Hacking
  • Email Hacking
  • Password Hacking
  • Computer Hacking

Types of Hacker

  • Black Hat Hacker
  • White Hat hacker
  • Grey Hat Hacker
  • Miscellaneous Hacker

Best Indian Hacker

  • Rahul Tyagi
  • Ankit Fadia
  • Manan Shah

These Basic Things Need to Learn Hacking

1 Computer Skills

You must have to know basic knowledge of computer ex: How computer work? How internet work? What is DOS command? and every DOS command have to know. Learn DOS completely. What is Registry? how to edit or modify registry? Initially this is important for you.

2 Learn Programming

Programming language is very-very important for to became hacker. Without programming language you can't became hacker.
Learn Html, C language, java, Perl , Ruby. Programming make easy to learn hacking. So, learn programming.

3 Learn Database

Database it mean information. Every website, apps, computer have data. To stolen data for this you have to learn database. How database work? How to edit or modify database. If you want became expert in hacking So you have to learn My SQL (Structured Query Language), Oracle Database.This type of database you have to learn otherwise hacking is not possible.

4 Learn Linux

Hacker used hacking tools to hack and hacking tools are made in linux operating system. Hacking tools is important things for hacker. Hacking tools are possible to make in Mac OS , DOS or windows. So this most imaportant for you.

5 learn Networking

Networking is another important to became hacker. Without netwoking is not possible to hack something. You need to learn What is topology? , ipv4, ipv6, TCP/Ip, Hub, Subnet.


Hacking is not easy but also not impossible . Lot's of problem come when you learn hacking but you do hard work then obviously you can became hacker.

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