Wednesday, 31 October 2018

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   Diwali Viral Wishing Pro Script

Diwali Wishing Script: Hello Friend's In this article we have come here for you, "Diwali Wishing Script" 2018 which you can download in free and can create a Wishing Website by installing on Blogger.

   Diwali Wishing Script

Friends, as you all know the Importance of Diwali, if you make this Diwali a Wishing Website and you can do good Traffic by Viral by Viral, then you can easily earn good Earning. For which you need Diwali Wishing Script.

So today we have brought you one, not two, but Diwali Wishing Script, by which you can create two Wishing Websites and send your friends and family members and earn your online earnings.

Both are Wishing Scripts Advanced where you get all the things like Social Share Button, PNG and GIF Images, which gives both of these Wishing Scripts a better look.

    How to Download Diwali Wishing Script for Free

   How to create a Festival Wishing Website

To create a Festival Wishing Website, you have to follow some Basic Steps-

Step 01. Download Wishing Script

First of all, if you want to create a Wishing Website for targeting the festival, download Wishing Script from that festival on the Internet.
On the Internet, you will find many websites that provide Wishing Scripts in Free, as well as you can download Wishing Scripts in the Free from the Bakwashack Website, for which you click on the Wishing script in the menu, and your All the Wishing Scripts will be available on our website before you can download them.

Step 02. Create a Free Blog

Now first of all, you have to create a Free Blogger Blog, because in the Wishing Script first you have to give your blog address, so first you have to create a Free Blog so that you can get a blog URL.

Step 03. Open Wishing Script in Notepad

Now it comes to editing Wishing Script, first of all, open the Wishing script in Notepad , for which you click Right Mouse on the Wishing script and click on the option with Open with Notepad .
This will open your Wishing Script in Notepad and you will be able to easily edit that script.

Step 04. Replace Website URL

When you download any Wishing Script from Internet then a website URL is already given there, then firstly replace that URL with the URL of your website, so that the script is yours.

Step 05. Add In Your Blogger Site

Follow these Steps to install In blogger:-

  1. Go To Blogger Official Site
  2. Creat New Site For Diwali Wishing site.
  3. Go to theme option.
  4. Then go to last in theme.
  5. Click on Revert To Classic theme.
  6. Change the Off the navebar. 
  7. Now paste the Wishing Script and click on Save botton. 

    Advantages of Diwali Wishing Script

It has been made for the Diwali Wishing Script 2018, which also includes Timmer. So whenever you send this Wishing Website to the user you will not only get Wish but also keep in mind that when is Diwali.
Now let's talk about our advantages, in both of these Scripts, you can place adsense ads so that both of these Wishing Websites will be monetized and you can have good online earnings. So you must create this Diwali a Wishing Website and send it to your friends and relatives.


Creating a Wishing Website through Diwali Wishing Script and sending it to your friends is a very good process, so that you can not just wish your friends but also earn a little online earning.