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5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed - Bakwas hack

   5 Tips to increase computer speed

5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed

how to increase computer speed? Today the computer has become a part of our daily life, but if the computer speed is slow, then it becomes a headache. But the question arises how to speed up the computer? In this post we will tell you some easy tips, which can help you increase the speed of your computer.



  • Go to RUN, go to RUN, go to the shortcut key (Win + R) or click on the Start button and then go to search and type RUN. Then click on RUN option.
  • Go to RUN and type % temp% and temp and enter, the temp window will open. Here are some temporary files that the computer does not need. Delete or delete all these permanently (shift + delete).

5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed

5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed - Bakwas hack


Again go to RUN and type prefetch and press enter button. The window of prefetch will open, here you will see many files which do not need computers. Delete them all. (parmanentaly).



5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed

5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed

  • Your drive contains several such files which do not need a computer and they keep up the storage of your system. Disc cleanup is used to delete such files.
  • Disk cleanup in windows 7 - Go to start and search Disk cleanup, after the Disk Cleanup option opens, click Disk Cleanup. disk cleanup: window of drive selection will open here Select the disk you want to clean. For example, C DRIVE will select the window to open the disk cleanup for c: drive, click on all the boxes here and then click OK. You will be asked if you want to permanently delete them, click OK.
  • Disk cleanup in windows 8 - Go to the control panel. Click on system and security. Click on administrative tools. A window of administrative tools will open, click on the option of disk cleanup here. After that, follow the same procedure as explained above.


5 Tips To Increase Computer Speed\

  • Go to RUN and type msconfig and the system configuration window opens, go to boot here, click on advanced options, check it by clicking on the box next to number of processors. Click on Max Processor(2,4,6,8) for example, if there are 4 processors on my computer then I will select four or if I have eight, I will select eight.after this setting select NO GUI BOOT  and change the timeout second if timeout is 30 second you change to 3 second. By this setting your computer,laptop is very-very fast start.
  •  Go to startup in the system configuration window. Many applications slow down your laptop PC. Go here and disable some applications you do not need.



  • Go to control panel, type in power options by going to search. Click on power options and choose the option of high performance.
Apart from this, there are some helpful tips that can be helpful in increasing COMPUTER SPEED

  • There may be many applications on your laptop or PC that you do not use, so it would be advisable to uninstall them as they take over the computer space.
  • Delete your browser's search history, download history, cache and cookies. So that some space is empty.
  • It would also be appropriate to download a good antivirus on your system and scan the system two or three times a week.
  • By increasing your computer's virtual memory you can increase the computer speed.