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How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018 - Bakwas Hack

     How to Start a Successful Blog in 2018?

How to Start a Successful Blog

Everybody wants to do part time job in today's time, to earn a little extra money, people often work for money, but jobs are right for those people who have their full time, but most people also He wants to do a part time job. QiKi is busy working his own time for half time but he wants to earn some money in his spare time. There are only a few people who are searching for online part time jobs, though there are plenty of online part-time jobs available like Survey Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs and many more jobs but today we will be able to do that part time Talking about work, which has become very popular in recent days, blogging is the trend of blogging in today's society, growing rapidly, according to a report, two lakh students per year Starting logging, this fact shows only how much it has come in the trend, well it takes the topic back to the same how how to start blogging?

The things you'll need to start blogging are:

  1. A computer / laptop
  2. Basic Internet Connection
  3. Domain Name (.com, .in, .org etc)
  4. A Basic Hosting Plan
(Note: You can also use Blogger for Free Domain Name and Hosting. Read on to learn more about "How To Blogging Start With Without Any Investment"

    How to Start Blogging 

Domain Name:

Domain Name:

Domain Name Any site is identified as if you just visited this site then you have seen in the address bar of your browser,  has written, this is our Domain Name, so you can also buy your Domain Name. Godaddy here from companies like BigRock. You can also go to Blogger and take a free domain. But I will also encourage you to buy a Top Level Domain for yourself. In the future, when traffic starts to come on your blog, you will need complete control. Your own domain will remain the best for this on your blog.

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting

Web Hosting may be unable to understand some people. But it is very easy to assume that you understand this with this example. You bought a plot, you built your house on it, added a lot of things, but there is no benefit to that house unless it has a right address, If someone has to contact you, then he will come to your address, if you have to invite somebody then you will give him your address. If we look at this thing in the virtual world, the domain that address is the address you can give to the people to invite them to your own, web hosting is your place in the house where you keep adding your posts here. You can get web hosting from any hosting provider, but in the meantime you will advise Godaddy's Web Hosting, which is very good compared to their service and other hosting providers.

Why should not you create a blog on the free blogging platform?

I would say this without saying that you should make a self hosted wordpress blog.

You see how successful bloggers are being hosted on the blog free blogging platform, or you have ever seen the name of a big blog such as "" or never seen like this' www.bakwashack.freeblogs .com 'may have never seen the Cube Free blogging platform with many problems as well.

You do not have control over your content: a company that provides free blogging platform can shut down your blog anytime, for any reason.

1) You do not have control over your content: a company that provides free blogging platform can shut down your blog anytime, for any reason. Do not believe me, then read it.

2) To miss your blog's web address becomes very prolonged and complicated: like bakwashack.000 will be remembered comfortably.

3) You will also be worried about advertising: The biggest problem with most free blogging platform is making money from your blog, it makes this thing quite confusing.

Do not misunderstand me, but if you want to make your blog successful, then start blogging on self hosted wordpress blog from the very beginning, if for some reason you can not start blog on self hosted wordpress blog, then nobody will get you blogger's You can also do it, but after some time it is better to migrate to your WordPress.

But if you want to look credible and make your audience and earn money. So you need your own blog, with your domain name, with your hosting In the same way you will be able to control the rules and your content.

If I were you, then from the first day itself self hosted blog starts with your domain name. Creating a self-hosted blog is very easy and very cheap, cheaper and easier than you think.

     How to Choose A Great Domain Name?

If you already have a domain, scroll a bit and read the second paragraph below.

Often, looking at the new blogger domain name, many mistakes are done, always remember that your domain name should have all this information, then only take your domain name.

Easy to remember: Never take a nonsense domain name, which is slow to speak or never take a domain name that has a lot of dashes like '', such as a Domain Name. It will not be remembered but something like '' is easy for you to remember and will immediately come to the tongue.

Unique and Discrete: Your item will display what you want to write about or the subject on which you want to create your blog.

Trusted: Domain extensions like .com, .in, .net, .org, .info etc are very popular. People often think of the first website with '.com'. Do not use domain extensions like .bocks, .biz anytime, it is less used, it is also difficult to remember and not too reliable.

Log in to your new account and install WordPress.
You will have an email shortly after you take your Domain Name and Hosting, in which your Cpanel will be aware of the Hosting Panel, you have to click on the given link and log in to your Cpanel, after logging in, Can install script written

As soon as you go to your cpanel, you will see that the option will be available softaculous or installatron, you have to click on the same option and go to the blog's option to click on wordpress so that you will be able to install wordpress in your blog,

Check in your blog and check out your new blog.
After installing your WordPress, you will receive an email, which will contain your login information, you will have to click on the link given to log in to your WordPress blog, that link will be. You will have a screen show in which you need to enter your username and password.
Too much. congratulations You have learned to create your WordPress blog. You installed WordPress automatically and set up your blog. You must have gone to the society, how easy it was.

Change your blog's design, how to shape your blog
In this section I will tell you how you can improve your blog. I will tell you basics of wordpress and you will know how easy it is and how enjoyable it is In this section you will learn all these things:

  • Will be familier from WordPress Dashboard
  • Change Blog Design
  • Install new plugin / feature
  • Make your blog search engine friendly
If you have set up your blog, now you will learn to use wordpress. I assure you that it is very easy and fun

Understand the WordPress Dashboard

WordPress Dashboard

When you first go to your WordPress dashboard, it will look something like this.

We have broken the tools given on the dashboard in different parts so that you are easy to understand.

"Dashboard": This is where you can track all your posts, comments, pages, you can see in the screen like you can write a quick draft, but how do I use the dashboard correctly? Will tell

"Posts": This is where you will be able to write a post for your blog and edit your old or new posts.

"Media": This is where all the images, Videos, Audio inserted by you will be available. You can also go to this section and edit all the things you have inserted.

"Pages": This is where you can create a permanent page for your blog. Such as services, contact us, and all these things can be managed.

"Comments": Here you can manage comments made on your blog.

"Appearance": Here you can change the theme, layout of your blog and also make changes to them. In the next paragraph I will tell you about this section in detail.

How to Start Blogging in Hindi

"Plugins": This section makes wordpress so special, plugin is a small software script for adding any extra fracture such as Google Analytics, SEO by yoast etc ... This makes your blog user friendly and better.

"Settings": This is the last section of the Dashboard, here you can manage your site name title email address and the necessary things.
Change the theme and layout of your blog

If you want to make your blog successful, it is very important to look good with its theme and layout, your theme should be responsive so that any person who visits your site, whether it is on a desktop or on a laptop, smarfon or tablet, There is no reason when doing so. The theme is ready for WordPress, you just have to search the theme of your account of going to the theme, though this work may seem very easy to you but it is also very difficult. We can not find the theme of our calculation many times. While searching for themes, keep these things in mind:

    Themes suit your subject, such as an image theme for image blog, clear theme for the Castle blog, sports theme for sports blogs.
    Theme be responsive
    There is no restriction in customization.
    Theme Clear and Fast Loading

I like the feature filter option very well to search WordPress theme, in this you can search the theme according to your convenience, once you like the theme you like, you can install it. The option of install will be shown only when you have the cursor above the theme.

After the theme is installed you have to activate it, in this way you will be able to install a theme of your choice.

Theme Activate

Install new plugins and add new features to your blog

As I told you earlier that plugins are small software, in wordpress, which you install to give extra features to your blog. You can do some such things by plugin:

    Adding a contact form
    Decreasing spam comment
    Making Your Blog SEO Friendly
    Adding photo gallery

There are many more things

Plugin is easy to install, you have to click the plugins and press the button 'Add new'.

Add New Plugin

After this, you can search the plugin for anything using the keyword

Plugins search by keywords

When you find the plugin, click the install button on it and activate it later as we did the theme activating.

Activate Plugin

Note: Before installing the plugin, search for a little about Google, and read its reviews. Some plugins are not right for your site, they undermine security and other important things.

Make your blog search friendly

There are many ways to make the blog friendly, which is a whole subject, but by making our blog search friendly here, it means that its permalinks are corrected and spam comments are removed.

Permalinks are the backbone of any site, like if your permalinks look like weird. '' Google will also not give priority to your site in its results. Therefore, we should always show our permalinks in the settings, our site will always show related permalinks from the post, there you will find options for how to show permalinks. Except the default and numeric, you can choose any option you like.

Spam Comments

Many people approve spam comments on their blogs, most of these comments are sent by bots which advertisements for any service or product. You should not approve such comments and delete them.
To manage comments, you go to the section in the setting in the setting and comment on your own.

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