Friday, 17 August 2018

5 Best URL Shortener to Earn Money - Bakwas Hack

    How to earn money from the URL Shortener Website?

top 5 url shorter to earn money online

If you want to know how to earn money from the URL Shortener Website, then in this post, I am going to tell you to earn money by shortening the best website URL? The Highest Paying URL is discussing the Shortener Site, Google does a search on the Link Shortener Website, you will know about a lot of the site, the url minimizing site is also something to throw, that is why I am a The Highest Paying URL shortener website which gives up to $ 1- $ 10 doller of 1000 views, depending on what is being said by the view, you will get a referral commission, meaning someone joining the referral link, then 20% of its earning commission will be available to you. you! It was earlier told about a website that used to pay $ 80 / 10,000 Views, can you read it?

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What is a URL Shortener? How it works! Through the URL Shortener website, how can we earn online, this post will give you detailed information,

URL Shortener to Earn Money: - How to earn money by shortening url?
If you have any downloading website like Hafee, like film Games Apart from the book, there is more social media fan followers, then share any URL, and if someone comes through your link, then he will be able to see ad advertiment for some time and add some money to our account,

There is a lot of website where the URL can reduce money by shortening, such as:

1. Ouo


3. EarnZI



 But apart from this, I am telling you the good that I use, BS will have to read this post properly?

Earn money by sharing short links: - How to earn money

To earn money from, first go to its website and create your account with Google Plus?
Earn money
Copy the Shart links and earn a good amount by sharing it on your blog / website or social media account; Now, what you payouts rate is, how much money does it cost, then all depends on the country where the user is your Clicking on the link?

What is All Payment Methods, and When to Get Money

Minimum withdrawal only $ 1.00, PayPal, Skrill, or Payza. The specialty of this website Fast Payments In 24 hours you will get the money in your account, you can use the Referrals System to earn extra income, in which if any URL Will your referrals create an account, will you get 20% of its earnings?

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